Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Nerk Restaurant - Siem Reap

After spending the morning exploring Angkor Wat, we asked Sophorn, our driver, to take us somewhere nice for lunch. He recommended Nerk Restaurant, an upscale restaurant in suburban Siem Reap. Lori and Mel both ordered Chicken Amok, a traditional Khmer dish that they had both been looking forward to trying while we were in Cambodia. Ken ordered a serve of frogs and I ordered eel, however I was informed that they were out of eel, so I ended up ordering the Beef Lok Lak instead, another traditional Khmer dish.

Outdoor bar at Nerk Restaurant.

We drank a lot of Pina Colada's this trip, this was Lori's here at Nerk.

I opted for a Margarita with lunch, and Nerk's version hit the mark just right.

Lori and Mel both ordered Chicken Amok, a traditional Khmer dish we had been really keen to try here in Cambodia.

Mels' Chicken Amok, removed from it's coconut casing. Chicken and fish amok are tradional Khmer dishes usually cooked in these little banana leaf cups.

Lori also had a serve of satay chicken and Jasmine rice.

The food, drinks and service here at Nerk Restaurant were all on point and we all left full and happy. This is a higher than average priced restaurant for Siem Reap, but the quality and the setting is on par with the pricing.

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