Thursday, October 12, 2023

Hard Rock Cafe - Angkor / Siem Reap

After spending the bulk of the day at Angkor Wat, we headed to Hard Rock Cafe Angkor, in Siem Reap. Mel is a confirmed Hard Rock addict, with quite an impressive collection of memorabilia, so we would be visiting two Hard Rock Cafe locations in Cambodia.

Mel with the guitar outside Hard Rock Cafe Angkor, in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Now for the big question - what did we think of Hard Rock Cafe Angkor? Well, our impressions needed to be tempered with the knowledge that Cambodia is still returning to popularity after COVID put the brakes on tourism world wide for several years, and more recently, we were visiting at the tail end of the wet season, historically a slow time for tourism in the region.

Mel and Lori checking out the shirts in the Rock Shop at Hard Rock Cafe Angkor.

We were the only guests for most of the night, with another couple coming in while we were there, and the Rock Shop was missing quite a few regular items. There were no Hurricane glasses and no collectors pins, so our cocktails came in well worn hurricane glasses, but the collectors glasses we brought home were pint glasses. This was also the case in Phnom Penh and from speaking to the staff at the two venues, this will be rectified soon.

Loaded fries and potato skins at Hard Rock Cafe Angkor, in Siem Reap.

We also noted that there was a reduced menu here for food and drink, but that what was presented to us was top notch, we certainly had no complaints about the food, drinks or service here. While there was no live music on offer here, we would find out later that the band was only a week or so away, as they were performing at the Phnom Penh venue at the time, as that venue was training the new bands for both locations.

There was no live music here tonight, so Mel hopped on the skins for a photo. We would later find out that we missed the return of live music to this venue by a matter of weeks.

Would we come back to Hard Rock Cafe Angkor? Of course! Although being the only guests there put a bit of a dampener on the atmosphere, we're quite confident that with the return of live music and as tourists return to the Angkor region, Siem Reaps own Hard Rock Cafe will start to see the crowds returning and we would love to see this venue when it's really pumping.

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