Monday, May 17, 2010

Perth at Night - The Haunted House

On Friday night, a group of us went out to take some night photos at an abandoned house north of Perth.

Well, Hello There

There are a couple of stories about this place that suggest it may be haunted, but we didn't see any evidence of that this night. It is however, fairly well run down and there's a fairly constant stream of visitors, some just wanting to look around, some wanting to skate in the empty swimming pool and some come to paint on the walls. Of course, there are some who come to drink, take drugs or trash the place, but we didn't encounter any of those while we were there.

There is literally no ambient light here at night, except for the moonlight. that means that all of these shots were taken with longer exposures, with the camera mounted on a tripod. They also all used off camera flash for additional lighting, varying from a couple of low powered pops for the close up work to running around firing flashes from a number of different angles trying to illuminate every nook and cranny (and even then, still missing some).

Twenty Eleven with Star Trails

We're already planning more visits to this location, as the constantly evolving nature of the artwork is going to ensure that there will be new, interesting things to photograph for a long time to come.

You can check out the full set of photos from the night shoot at the Haunted House in the galleries over at LandBarge.com.


  1. Hi there, just stumbled upon your page.. Nice photos. I'm into photographing abandoned places too and was wondering where this is?
    If you don't want to put the address up for public you can email me at zach.gillon@gmail.com
    Your help would be much appreciated!

  2. You cant help but jump on the band wagon when a place of immense character is beheld by the sensationalist Muppets who work at Today Tonight, A Current Affair and the like. just check out suicidal tv on Fuel tv and you'll see the truth. also there was rape and alleged drowning of a girl in the house side lake there. we have twenty pages of letters to and from the owner written by a very school age written girl. why didn't the state police confiscate this evidence at the time. who knows. ulterior motives possibly? oh the wonders of the tortoise bowl as t was first named. at the site formerly known as rainbow holiday retreat ran by a religious peadophile....