Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Bayon Temple, Cambodia

Bayon Temple is another in the Angkor Archaeological Park, and entry is included with your Angkor pass. We visited here on our second day of the three day pass we purchased in Siem Reap. Built somewhere between the late 12th and early 13th century, Bayon Temple sits in the middle of the Angkor Thom complex and over the last 30 years, restoration efforts here have been assisted by the Japanese government.

Bayon temple is also known as 'the temple with the faces'. Around 200 faces remain here, with the towers having four faces on each tower, some estimates claim that there were around 200 towers here at one point.

Lori has spent almost her entire working life in the mining industry, so when she saw this, mostly female, crew working to excavate more of Bayon Temples secrets, she was naturally very intrigued and rushed over to find out more.

Our Angkor guide, Kea Simon, explaining some of the details in the bas-relief on the outer galleries of Bayon Temple.

Part of the bas-relief from the outer galleries of Bayon Temple, showing the Khmer army marching into battle with the Cham.

There are a number of points along the outer galleries where you can pause to admire the innner part of Bayon Temple.

Here we can see more of the inner part of Bayon Temple, we could keep on coming back here and still not see all that it has to offer.

I love the shots down these dark passageways in these Cambodian temples, and so does the Canon EOS R3. I was a bit apprehensive taking this camera with us, but I think I would have really regretted leaving it at home.

Mel and Ken pausing for a photo as we explore the inner sanctuary of Bayon Temple.

Another view of some of the faces that adorn the towers of Bayon Temple.

Buddhas and faces are everywhere you look here, faces above, Buddha statues with you as you walk. This is, as is common in the Angkor Archaeological Park, an amazingly beautiful temple and one that commands a repeat visit or three.

A bonus shot, Lori (with a little assist from Mikah) getting in on the action at Bayon Temple.

Much like the other temples here in the Siem Reap area and in wider Cambodia, you will not see all Bayon Temple has to offer in one visit, we are hoping to return to Cambodia at some stage and the Bayon will definitely be on the list of places we wish to revisit.

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