Wednesday, May 25, 2016

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

As the end of the WA drag racing season approaches (tonight is the final Whoop Ass Wednesday for 3 months, and all other racing wound up a few weeks ago), I start looking back on some of the other photos I've taken over the years.

In August 2009, I was in San Francisco, California, and I was intent on getting "the shot" of San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge. In the evening of the 31st of August, I was at Fort Point, at the Southern end of the bridge. As all Californian National Parks are closed an hour after sunset, I knew we didn't have much time on site before we would be asked to leave. As it turned out, once the camera was set up on the tripod, I had time to shoot 8 shots, at increasing exposures. This was the sixth image in the sequence, with a 2 minute exposure, and as it turned out, the next two images would feature the police car that turned up to sweep the area, and eventually, kick us out.

After returning home, I had this shot printed on a 32 inch by 20 inch stretched canvas, and hung it in my living room. Several years later, this is still one of my favourite photos, I see it every day and most days I will sit and wonder when I will return to explore this city some more. As with all of my photos, this one is available for sale in a wide range of prints through the online store.

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