Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kim's Pizza Night and Cruise

A short while ago, on a Friday night, Kim (aka Lo-Mad) ran one of his 'when we feel like it' Pizza nights. The night consists of us gathering for pizza at Brando's Pizza in Victoria Park, standing around outside talking cars for a bit and then heading off on a cruise before stopping for coffee somewhere at the end of the night.

Boris and Chris discussing Chris' AV8ER coupe

A small group made it to the gathering for pizzas at Brando's in Victoria Park, however Tuff Tin, Hey Jude and Extreme Eric were unable to join us for the cruise, which would eventually take us to Scarborough.

Watto's 56 F100 parked at Brandos

This time round, we cruised down to Hungry Jacks (To the rest of the world, it's Burger King, but that name was already taken when they opened here, so they called them Hungry Jacks instead) in Claremont (not far from where I grew up).

Doc Strangepork's pickup parked outside Hungry Jacks in Claremont

Outkast's Customline parked outside Hungry Jacks in Claremont

After we left Claremont, we headed down to Fremantle to cruise up and down the local strip (and to pick up Kim's other half) and then headed up the coast to Peter's By The Sea in Scarborough, where we finished the night off.

Ben Clements met us at Scarborough in his Holden FC wagon

Kim's PERK UP Chev pickup parked at Scarborough

You can see more photos from the night here.

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