Thursday, July 8, 2010

American Independence Day, In Perth

Last Sunday was American Independence Day (July the 4th, for anyone that didn't already know) and Kate and I went to a local celebration put on by the American Womens Club of Perth. This is an event thats been going on for several years now and gets bigger every year, however it's the first time I've made it down to one. We had a good time, and will most likely go again next year.

Old Glory flying in the famous Fremantle Doctor

The day was held at the Morris Buzzacott Reserve, in Kardinya, and the AWC had organised a small display of American cars and stalls selling hot dogs, American beers and soft drinks. There was also an arcade style basketball stall and a petting zoo. Inside the community centre hall were some stalls selling American snack foods and the extremely popular Krispy Kreme stall. The hall was also the venue for the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthems (both American and Australian).

American cars on display

Back outside again, and a gridiron had been marked out, where my old team, the Claremont Jets, played a scratch match as part of the 'American Sports Demonstration' on the day. A decent crowd lined the sides of the field of play to watch some good old American football.

The Claremont Jets put on a football display for the crowd

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