Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Urban Tree Hut and Dialogue on 26th Street - Wat Bo Village

After a long day exploring Angkor era temples, followed by a quick dip in the pool at our hotel, we headed out to dinner at Urban Tree Hut on 27th Street in Siem Reap, including dishes featuring Red Ants, Quail and Crabs among others. Although we opted for the air conditioned dining room, most of the dining area here at Urban Tree Hut is actually outdoors in an awesome garden setting. If we hadn't still been in wind down mode from the days activities, I think we would have taken the garden option.

After dinner we felt like an after dinner drink or two, so we took a walk around the block to see what we could find. As we did, we found ourselves at the corner of Wat Bo Road and 26th Street, checking out Dialogue on 26th Street. We had a look over the cocktail list, looked around the venue and decided this would be a good place for those after dinner drinks. Dialogue is a cool open air space with a well stocked bar, great staff and quite a cool drinks list.

This Beef with Red Ant Salad at Urban Tree Hut was delicious, I would definitely order this one again.

Urban Tree Hut's Spicy Papaya Salad.

We all chose a dish or two off the menu to share amongst the table, the Quail Congee was my pick, and I quite enjoyed it.

Chicken Amok is a traditional Khmer dish, so you will find at at almost any restaurant in Cambodia, it quickly became a staple of our trip.

While we chose the air conditioned indoor dining area at Urban Tree Hut, there is an amazing outdoor garden style dining space as well that we would love to experience one day.

After dinner we felt like a few drinks, so headed around the corner to find a small bar and Dialogue on 26th Street seemed like a good choice. This is one of their signature cocktails.

One of Dialogues bartenders preparing our cocktails.

Ken, Mel and I all had the same cocktail, Lori opted for a gin and tonic.

Dialogues outdoor space is funky and a great place to catch up.

Dialogue on 26th Street, Wat Bo, as seen from the road.

Dinner at Urban Tree Hut and after dinner drinks at Dialogue on 26th Street turned out to be a great way to finish our day and debrief after a huge day exploring Angkor era temples in the Cambodian jungle. The Wat Bo village area and 26th Street precinct are a great part of Siem Reap to explore and we saw several other places we would also like to visit while we were here. Perhaps one day we will come back and try some of them.

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