Thursday, November 9, 2023

Taking a Break from Temples to Explore Siem Reap

After two straight days exploring the ancient secrets of the Angkor region, we decided to have a day off from exploring temples. Following our breakfast at the hotel, we headed out to check out The Little Red Fox Espresso in Siem Reap, then a little drive around town before we ended up at the Old Market for a spot of shopping.

The Old Market is down by the river in the middle of Siem Reap, and after shopping we grabbed some coconut waffles from one of the food carts that line the side of the road between the market and the river. These food carts are everywhere over here, and while we've been pretty cautious so far, there's a huge variety of food on offer from them. The whole time we were in Cambodia, I was advocating for more food cart food in our lives, while some of the other Griswalds were urging caution.

The Little Red Fox Espresso Cafe is a little cafe in Mondul 1 Village in Siem Reap.

Lori was particularly excited, as no matter how good the hotel coffee is, it just can't compare to getting to a dedicated cafe and getting some real espresso.

As with many places we visited, The Little Red Fox bills itself as a social enterprise, employing and training locals with a view to empowering them to take their skills further if they desire.

Mel decided on an iced coffee.

My Long Mac hit the mark.

Some of the decor at The Little Red Fox Espresso Cafe.

As with many markets in Cambodia, the Old Market in Siem Reap has a wide variety of goods for sale, from sausages and dried meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables to clothing and souvenirs.

Some more of the dried and preserved food available at Siem Reap's Old Market.

Part of the fruit and veg section of the Siem Reap Old Market.

Shopping for t-shirts and Krama (traditional Khmer scarves) at Siem Reaps Old Market.

Artworks for sale by local artists at Siem Reaps Old Market.

Waffles being cooked at a food cart outside Siem Reaps Old Market.

Siem Reap is a great town to explore and I hope we get another opportunity to spend some time here.

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