Thursday, May 12, 2022

Irwin Inlet - Peaceful Bay

Our first full day in Peaceful Bay consisted of a quick trip to Walpole to poke through a few gift shops, grab some firewood and head to the local IGA for supplies. We then headed back to the caravan park for a bite to eat. Mikah and Lori had been bugging us to go to the beach and our mates Warren and Sara had told us how amazing the Irwin Inlet area was, so we were keen to check it out too.

As you can see in the following photos, Lori and Cath thought it was quite chilly down the beach, and I agreed, but Mikah and Lachelle weren't bothered by that and both hit the water for a quick dip.

We came back the next morning just after breakfast (we're not really morning people, so it wasn't as early as that makes it sound), and this time we brought the Kings paddle boards as well.

The water here is beautiful and the inlet is quite well protected from waves. We were just at the mouth of the inlet, which is mostly quite shallow, although with a few deep holes to catch you unaware.

Mikah had brought with here a $8 KMart kite, which held up really well in quite a strong breeze, so now Lori's going to go back and grab a few more to leave in the caravan for future trips. Lori, Mikah and Lachelle all had a go flying the kite on the beach.

Lori and Cath had packed a few snacks for us to enjoy and are here chilling on the beach at Irwin Inlet while Mikah and Lachelle are busy with the kite.

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