Friday, May 13, 2022

Denmark Good Food Company and Elephant Rock Cider Co

Elephant Rock Cider Company is on the South Coast Highway, between Denmark and Peaceful Bay. The venue is also home to a soccer golf course and has a burger bar and ice cream stand.

The range of dips and sauces here is pretty impressive, whenever we visit, Lori picks up several jars and they're always great. I tend to trust her instincts when it comes to choosing which ones are going to work for us, and just grab a cider and wait, and maybe take some photos.

The cider company has four types of cider on tap and more in bottles behind the bar. You can go for a tasting paddle like you see here being poured for Dave, but I went for a traditional apple cider instead as I'd tried the others before and knew which I preferred.

Dave Lori and Mikah. Lori is between mouthfuls of ice cream, Mikah reckons she looks like an alpaca in the photo below.

The peacocks here are a hit with the visitors. They just cruise around the grounds, sometimes stopping long enough for a photo or two.

The cider company venue is co-branded with the Denmark Good Food Factory referring to all the non-cider offerings also available here.

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