Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Photo of the Day - October 24th, 2018

Jamie Cato features in today's Photo of the Day, seen here at Northern Nats 2018 in his VN Holden Commodore SS 'BATTLER'. Jamie was one of a small contingent of WA drivers who made the long trek to Springmount Raceway in Far Northern Queensland for the 3rd annual Northern Nats. Along with a number of other drivers including Chris Orchard in BALLISTIC and Matt James in UNWANTED (riding shotgun for this skid), Jamie laid down some awesome skids all weekend long.

This photo is also a little special for me, as it's the first in the Photo of the Day series not shot by myself. This photo was taken by my fiancee, Lori, who helped me to shoot Northern Nats 2018, as well as a wedding the previous weekend. I figured today was a fitting day to feature one of Lori's photos as it's also her birthday today.

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