Saturday, June 25, 2022

Meet The Maker with Wise Wines and Spirits.

Lori, Mel, Ken and myself attended another great Meet The Maker event on Thursday night with the crew from Wise Wines and Spirits in Eagle Bay.

The event was a Cocktail Masterclass and showcased their gin and pisco range, including the new Libertador Café Pisco. If you like your Kahlua or the now cancelled Patron Café XO then you need to get your hands on some of the Libertador Café Pisco, it tastes simply amazing on its own and great in a mixed drink too. You won't find the Libertador on Wise' website yet, but you can find the previous iteration Café Pisco here, Greg and the team have made a few tweaks since the first batch, which we tried at the last Meet The Maker and Wise event we attended, and we didn't think they could improve upon it at that stage. There was also a special edition Spiced Ginger Gin, produced for the Perth Ashes test that ended up being moved due to Covid lockdowns. The spiced ginger gin is currently limited to 2500 bottles, but hopefully it will return in some form in the future as it's a great tasting drop.

Wise are definitely securing a spot as the premiere gin producer in Western Australia and one of the keys to that is the amount of local produce they use. Asides from the Juniper, almost everything else is WA grown, and Ron was telling us they're about to plant a heap more land with some of the native ingredients used in their botanicals.

Thanks to Young George in Fremantle for hosting and Ron, Greg, Shiv and the team from Wise for giving up their time to make the event happen. These are awesome events so keep an eye out for the next one (maybe I'll bring the big camera to that one instead of using the phone)

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